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[roo-ahn, -ahn; French rwahn]
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  1. a city in and the capital of Seine-Maritime, in N France, on the Seine: famous cathedral; execution of Joan of Arc 1431.
  2. one of a breed of domestic ducks resembling the wild mallard.


  1. a department in NW France. 2449 sq. mi. (6340 sq. km). Capital: Rouen.
Formerly Seine-In·fé·rieure [sen-an-fey-ryœr] /sɛn ɛ̃ feɪˈryœr/.
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  1. a city in N France, on the River Seine: the chief river port of France; became capital of the duchy of Normandy in 912; scene of the burning of Joan of Arc (1431); university (1964). Pop: 106 592 (1999)


  1. a department of N France, in Haute-Normandie region. Capital: Rouen. Pop: 1 237 263 (2003 est). Area: 6342 sq km (2473 sq miles)
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city in northern France, Roman Rotomagus, in which the second element is Gaulish magos "field, market," and the first is roto "wheel," perhaps reflecting the Gaulish love of chariot-racing, or else it is a personal name.

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