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  1. a long band or scarf worn over one shoulder or around the waist, as by military officers as a part of the uniform or by women and children for ornament.
verb (used with object)
  1. to furnish or adorn with a sash: a dress sashed at the waist.

Origin of sash1

1585–95; dissimilated variant of shash (turban of) muslin < Arabic shāsh
Related formssash·less, adjective


  1. a fixed or movable framework, as in a window or door, in which panes of glass are set.
  2. such frameworks collectively.
verb (used with object)
  1. to furnish with sashes or with windows having sashes.

Origin of sash2

1675–85; back formation from sashes (plural), dissimilated variant of shashes chassis
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Examples from the Web for sash

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Historical Examples

  • They ran to the window, drew up the sash, and looked into the crowded street.

    Barnaby Rudge

    Charles Dickens

  • Fascination was alike in her smile, and her sash, her bow, and her buckle.

    Vivian Grey

    Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin Disraeli

  • With a crown and a sash for twenty-four hours—twice round the clock!


    Emile Zola

  • "I tried, sir, but there's a screw through the sash," cried one fellow.

  • About his waist went a sash of scarlet, such as is worn by the Northwest métis.

    Murder Point</p>

    Coningsby Dawson

British Dictionary definitions for sash


  1. a long piece of ribbon, silk, etc, worn around the waist like a belt or over one shoulder, as a symbol of rank

Word Origin

C16: from Arabic shāsh muslin


  1. a frame that contains the panes of a window or door
verb (tr)
  1. to furnish with a sash, sashes, or sash windows

Word Origin

C17: originally plural sashes, variant of shashes, from chassis
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Word Origin and History for sash


strip of cloth, 1590s, originally in reference to Oriental dress, "strip of cloth twisted into a turban," from Arabic shash "muslin cloth." Meaning "strip of cloth worn about the waist or over the shoulder" first recorded 1680s.


framed part of a window, 1680s, sashes, mangled Englishing of French châssis "frame" of a window or door (see chassis). French word taken as a plural and -s trimmed off by 1704. Sash-weight attested from 1737.

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