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[sav-uh-nuh-roh-luh; Italian sah-vaw-nah-raw-lah]
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  1. Gi·ro·la·mo [ji-rol-uh-moh; Italian jee-raw-lah-maw] /dʒɪˈrɒl əˌmoʊ; Italian dʒiˈrɔ lɑ mɔ/, 1452–98, Italian monk, reformer, and martyr.
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  • Gallileo, as we know, and Savonarola suffered for their crimes.

  • The first may refer to song-books, which actually were burnt by Savonarola.

  • See first part of Villari's well known biography of Savonarola.

    Lucretia Borgia

    Ferdinand Gregorovius

  • And in that rumour Savonarola had heard the assurance that his prophecy was being verified.


    George Eliot

  • “I do not desire the death of Bernardo,” said Savonarola, colouring deeply.


    George Eliot

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  1. Girolamo (dʒiˈrɔːlamo). 1452–98, Italian religious and political reformer. As a Dominican prior in Florence he preached against contemporary sinfulness and moral corruption. When the Medici were expelled from the city (1494) he instituted a severely puritanical republic but lost the citizens' support after being excommunicated (1497). He was hanged and burned as a heretic
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Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498), Dominican monk famous for his fierce opposition to moral license and Church corruption.

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