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[suh-voi-erd, sav-oi-ahrd; French sa-vwa-yar]
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noun, plural Sa·voy·ards [suh-voi-erdz, sav-oi-ahrdz; French sa-vwa-yar] /səˈvɔɪ ərdz, ˌsæv ɔɪˈɑrdz; French sa vwaˈyar/.
  1. a native or inhabitant of Savoy.
  2. a person enthusiastic about or connected with Gilbert and Sullivan operas: so called from the Savoy Theater in London, where the operas were first presented.
  1. of or relating to Savoy, its people, or their dialect.

Origin of Savoyard

From French, dating back to 1690–1700; see origin at Savoy, -ard
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Historical Examples

  • A young Savoyard, eighteen years old, had had his forefinger shot off.

    My Double Life

    Sarah Bernhardt

  • God forgive me, I believe you intend to rob the poor Savoyard.

  • I am for the profession of faith of the 'Savoyard Vicar,' and the immortal principles of '89!

    Madame Bovary

    Gustave Flaubert

  • Savoyard puts his head on one side, shakes it, and strokes his mice.

    The Caxtons, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • She soon leaves under the protection of Pierotto, the Savoyard.

British Dictionary definitions for savoyard


  1. a native of Savoy
  2. the dialect of French spoken in Savoy
  1. of or relating to Savoy, its inhabitants, or their dialect


  1. a person keenly interested in the operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan
  2. a person who takes part in these operettas

Word Origin

C20: from the Savoy Theatre, built in London in 1881 by Richard D'Oyly Carte for the presentation of operettas by Gilbert and Sullivan
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