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[sep-choo-uh-jes-uh-muh, -too-, -tyoo-]
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  1. the third Sunday before Lent.

Origin of Septuagesima

1350–1400; < Late Latin septuāgēsima (diēs) the seventieth (day), feminine of septuāgēsimus, ordinal corresponding to septuāgintā seventy; replacing Middle English septuages(i)me < Old French < Late Latin, as above
Also called Septuagesima Sunday.
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Historical Examples

  • Septuagesima Sunday, when the first chapter of Genesis is read.

    The Gospel of St. John

    Frederick Denison Maurice

  • But on the feasts of Saints on Septuagesima and Advent, violet or black is not to be used.

  • Renard assured her that the prince should be in her arms before Septuagesima, and all her trials would be over.

    The Reign of Mary Tudor

    W. Llewelyn Williams.

  • The same consideration applies to the tracts, the use of which he extended in Septuagesima.

British Dictionary definitions for septuagesima


  1. the third Sunday before Lent

Word Origin

C14: from Church Latin septuāgēsima (dīes) the seventieth (day); compare Quinquagesima
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