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[sahy-muh l-kast, ‐kahst, sim-uh l‐]
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  1. a program broadcast simultaneously on radio and television, or on more than one station, or in several languages, etc.
  2. a closed-circuit television broadcast of an event, as a horse race, while it is taking place.
verb (used with or without object), si·mul·cast, si·mul·cast·ed, si·mul·cast·ing.
  1. to broadcast in this manner.

Origin of simulcast

An Americanism dating back to 1945–50; simul(taneous) + (broad)cast
Can be confusedbroadcast narrowcast simulcast
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British Dictionary definitions for simulcast


  1. (tr) to broadcast (a programme, etc) simultaneously on radio and television
  1. a programme, etc, so broadcast

Word Origin

C20: from simul (taneous) + (broad) cast
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Word Origin and History for simulcast


"to broadcast simultaneously on radio and television," 1948, formed from simul(taneous) + (broad)cast. The noun is first recorded 1949, from the verb.

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