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  1. a former silver coin of Denmark, Sweden, and the Danish West Indies.
  2. any of various former copper coins of Sweden and Norway.

Origin of skilling1

1690–1700; < Danish; cognate with shilling


  1. skillion.


verb (used without object) Archaic.
  1. to matter.
  2. to help; avail.

Origin of skill2

1150–1200; Middle English skilien < Old Norse skilja to distinguish, divide, akin to skil (see skill1), Old English scylian to separate, Gothic skilja butcher, Lithuanian skélti to split
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Historical Examples

  • A portion of the court is roofed in, and is called the "skilling."

    The Toilers of the Field

    Richard Jefferies

  • The coins in circulation are the mark, the two, the four, and the twelve skilling piece.

    Up The Baltic

    Oliver Optic

  • "But by this means he brings a skilling home," said the old woman.

    O. T.

    Hans Christian Andersen

  • In this court, too, the butter is generally churned, under a "skilling" which covers half of it.

    The Toilers of the Field

    Richard Jefferies

  • It is near enough for our purpose to say that a mark is twenty-two cents, and a skilling one cent.

    Up The Baltic

    Oliver Optic

British Dictionary definitions for skilling


  1. a former Scandinavian coin of low denomination

Word Origin

C18: from Danish and Swedish; see shilling


  1. special ability in a task, sport, etc, esp ability acquired by training
  2. something, esp a trade or technique, requiring special training or manual proficiency
  3. obsolete understanding
Derived Formsskill-less or skilless, adjective

Word Origin

C12: from Old Norse skil distinction; related to Middle Low German schēle, Middle Dutch geschil difference
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Word Origin and History for skilling



late 12c., "power of discernment," from Old Norse skil "distinction, ability to make out, discernment, adjustment," related to skilja (v.) "to separate; discern, understand," from Proto-Germanic *skaljo- "divide, separate" (cf. Swedish skäl "reason," Danish skjel "a separation, boundary, limit," Middle Low German schillen "to differ," Middle Low German, Middle Dutch schele "separation, discrimination;" see shell (n.)). Sense of "ability, cleverness" first recorded early 13c.

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