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  1. synaeresis.
  2. Physical Chemistry. the contraction of a gel accompanied by the exudation of liquid.

Origin of syneresis

First recorded in 1570–80; variant of synaeresis


or syn·er·e·sis

noun Phonetics.
  1. the contraction of two syllables or two vowels into one, especially the contraction of two vowels so as to form a diphthong.
  2. synizesis.

Origin of synaeresis

1570–80; < Late Latin < Greek synaíresis act of taking together, equivalent to syn- syn- + (h)aire- (stem of haireîn to take) + -sis -sis
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Historical Examples

  • Syneresis, Synresis, si-ner′e-sis, n. the coalescence of two vowels or syllables—opp.

    Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 4 of 4: S-Z and supplements)


  • But synalepha may occur in combinations of vowels in which syneresis would be impossible.

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  1. chem the process in which a gel contracts on standing and exudes liquid, as in the separation of whey in cheese-making
  2. the contraction of two vowels into a diphthong
  3. another word for synizesis

Word Origin

C16: via Late Latin from Greek sunairesis a shortening, from sunairein to draw together, from syn- + hairein to take


  1. a variant spelling of syneresis
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syneresis in Medicine


n. pl. syn•er•e•ses (-sēz′)
  1. The contraction of a gel, as a blood clot, and the exudation of part of its liquid component.
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