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[tey-luh s]
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noun, plural ta·li [tey-lahy] /ˈteɪ laɪ/. Anatomy.
  1. the uppermost bone of the proximal row of bones of the tarsus; anklebone.

Origin of talus1

First recorded in 1685–95, talus is from the Latin word tālus ankle, anklebone, die. See tassel


[tey-luh s, tal-uh s]
noun, plural ta·lus·es.
  1. a slope.
  2. Geology. a sloping mass of rocky fragments at the base of a cliff.
  3. Fortification. the slope of the face of a work.

Origin of talus2

1635–45; < French: pseudo-learned alteration of Old French talu slope < Latin talūtium gold-bearing slope or talus (Vulgar Latin: slope), perhaps of Iberian origin


  1. a combining form meaning “ankle,” used in the formation of compound words: taligrade.

Origin of tali-

combining form representing Latin tālus
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noun plural -li (-laɪ)
  1. the bone of the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle jointNontechnical name: anklebone

Word Origin

C18: from Latin: ankle


noun plural -luses
  1. geology another name for scree
  2. fortifications the sloping side of a wall

Word Origin

C17: from French, from Latin talūtium slope, perhaps of Iberian origin
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Word Origin and History for tali



"anklebone," 1690s, from Latin talus "ankle, anklebone, knucklebone" (plural tali), related to Latin taxillus "a small die, cube" (they originally were made from the knucklebones of animals).



"slope," 1640s, from French talus (16c.), from Old French talu "slope" (12c.), probably from Gallo-Romance *talutum, from Latin talutium "a slope or outcrop of rock debris," possibly of Celtic origin (cf. Breton tal "forehead, brow").

OED, however, suggests derivation from root of talus (1) in the sense of "heel" which developed in its Romanic descendants. Mainly used of military earthwork at first; meaning "sloping mass of rocky fragments that has fallen from a cliff" is first recorded 1830.

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tali in Medicine


n. pl. ta•li (-lī′)
  1. The bone of the ankle that articulates with the tibia and fibula to form the ankle joint.anklebone astragalus
  2. The ankle.
Related formstalar (-lər) adj.
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tali in Science


Plural tali (lī′)
  1. The bone of the ankle that articulates with the tibia and fibula to form the ankle joint.


Plural taluses
  1. Rock fragments that have accumulated at the base of a cliff or slope.♦ The concave slope formed by such an accumulation of rock fragments is called a talus slope.
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