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or tar·bush

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  1. a tasseled cap of cloth or felt, usually red, that is worn by Muslim men either by itself or as the inner part of the turban.

Origin of tarboosh

1695–1705; < Arabic ṭarbūsh < Ottoman Turkish terposh, probably < Persian sarposh headdress (equivalent to sar head + pūsh covering), by association with Turkish ter sweat
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Historical Examples

  • In three parties of two, each accompanied by an Arab dressed in European clothes, but wearing a tarboosh, they left the hotel.

    The Sins of Sverac Bablon

    Sax Rohmer

  • The predominence of the tarboosh in the streets added to the brightness of the scene.

  • Harry himself was dressed in a linen suit of European cut, with a tarboosh or red cap on his head, with a turban twisted round it.

  • There were two figures in English dress, though one wore the tarboosh.

  • Wound about his tarboosh or fez was a bright green cufia, signifying that the wearer had made the pilgrimage to Holy Mecca.

    The Carpet from Bagdad

    Harold MacGrath

British Dictionary definitions for tarboosh


tarbush or tarbouche

  1. a felt or cloth brimless cap resembling the fez, usually red and often with a silk tassel, worn alone or as part of a turban by Muslim men

Word Origin

C18: from Arabic tarbūsh
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