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noun, plural te·ni·ae [tee-nee-ee] /ˈti niˌi/.
  1. taenia.


or te·ni·a

noun, plural tae·ni·ae [tee-nee-ee] /ˈti niˌi/.
  1. Classical Antiquity. a headband or fillet.
  2. Architecture. (on a Doric entablature) a fillet or band separating the frieze from the architrave.
  3. Anatomy. a ribbonlike structure, as certain bands of white nerve fibers in the brain.
  4. any tapeworm of the genus Taenia, parasitic in humans and other mammals.

Origin of taenia

1555–65; < Latin < Greek tainía band, ribbon; (in def 4) < New Latin, Latin, as above
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Historical Examples

  • Above the frieze there is another narrow strip, or tenia, like that upon the architrave.

    A History of Art for Beginners and Students

    Clara Erskine Clement

  • Era ley qe si el que llevaua El dinero que braua, y No tenia de qe pagar, quedaua por esclauo del y los hijos.

  • Si en efecto era as, el oculto cario de Garcs tenia ms que sobrada disculpa en la incomparable hermosura de Constanza.

    Legends, Tales and Poems

    Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

British Dictionary definitions for tenia


noun plural -niae (-nɪˌiː)
  1. the US spelling of taenia


US tenia

noun plural -niae (-nɪˌiː)
  1. (in ancient Greece) a narrow fillet or headband for the hair
  2. architect the fillet between the architrave and frieze of a Doric entablature
  3. anatomy any bandlike structure or part
  4. any tapeworm of the genus Taenia, such as T. soleum, a parasite of man that uses the pig as its intermediate host

Word Origin

C16: via Latin from Greek tainia narrow strip; related to Greek teinein to stretch
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tenia in Medicine


  1. Variant oftaenia


n. pl tae•ni•as
  1. A ribbonlike band of tissue or muscle.
  2. A flatworm of the genus Taenia, which includes many tapeworms. Not in technical use.


  1. A genus of cestodes that formerly included most of the tapeworms but is now restricted to those species infecting carnivores with a cysticercus.