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[too ts]
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noun Slang.
  1. an affectionate or familiar term of address; honey; baby (sometimes offensive when used to strangers, casual acquaintances, subordinates, etc., especially by a male to a female).

Origin of toots

First recorded in 1940–45; toot(sie)1 + -s4


verb (used without object)
  1. (of a horn or whistle) to give forth its characteristic sound.
  2. to make a sound resembling that of a horn, whistle, or the like.
  3. to sound or blow a horn, whistle, or wind instrument.
verb (used with object)
  1. to cause (a horn, whistle, or wind instrument) to sound.
  2. to sound (notes, music, etc.) on a horn or the like.
  1. an act or sound of tooting.
  2. Slang. cocaine.

Origin of toot1

1500–10; akin to Low German, German tuten, Dutch toeten, Swedish tuta in same sense; orig. imitative
Related formstoot·er, noun


noun Informal.
  1. a period or instance of drunken revelry; binge; spree.

Origin of toot2

First recorded in 1670–80; origin uncertain


[too t]
noun Australian Informal.
  1. lavatory; toilet.

Origin of toot3

First recorded in 1945–50; perhaps jocular alteration of toilet


[too t]
noun Chiefly Pennsylvania German Area.
  1. a paper bag.

Origin of toot4

< Pennsylvania German dutt; compare German Tüte < Low German tüte something horn-shaped, paper rolled into the shape of a horn (cf. toot1)
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Examples from the Web for toots

Historical Examples

  • Faint shouts rose in the zero night, toots and sharp whistles.

    The Harbor

    Ernest Poole

  • "It's of no consequence," I stammered, making a Toots of myself.

    The Blunders of a Bashful Man

    Metta Victoria Fuller Victor

  • There was a flash of red, a cloud of dust, three other toots of agony, and the thing was gone.

  • Toots begged to ride a race, but he was a little shaver, and uncle was afraid.

    Frank Merriwell's Races

    Burt L. Standish

  • Toots could ride some of them that would allow nobody else to mount them.

    Frank Merriwell's Races

    Burt L. Standish

British Dictionary definitions for toots



noun plural tootses or tootsies
  1. informal, mainly US darling; sweetheart

Word Origin

C20: perhaps related to earlier dialect toot worthless person, of obscure origin


  1. to give or cause to give (a short blast, hoot, or whistle)to toot a horn; to toot a blast; the train tooted
  1. the sound made by or as if by a horn, whistle, etc
  2. slang any drug for snorting, esp cocaine
  3. US and Canadian slang a drinking spree
  4. (tʊt) Australian slang a lavatory
Derived Formstooter, noun

Word Origin

C16: from Middle Low German tuten, of imitative origin


  1. NZ an informal name for tutu 2
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Word Origin and History for toots



c.1500, ultimately imitative, also found in Middle Low German and Low German tuten "blow a horn." Related: Tooted; tooting. The noun is recorded from 1640s. Meaning "cocaine" is attested by 1977. Tooting as a strong affirmative (e.g. you're damned tootin') is attested from 1932, American English. Toots as a slang familiar form of address to a woman or girl is recorded from 1936, American English.

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