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[chim-shee-uh n, tsim-]
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noun, plural Tsim·shi·ans, (especially collectively) Tsim·shi·an.
  1. a member of an American Indian people of the coastal region of British Columbia.
  2. the Penutian language of the Tsimshian.
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Historical Examples

  • But, in his table, he docks two Tsimshian clans of their totem names.

    Method in the Study of Totemism

    Andrew Lang

  • Thus (p. 187) all of the four Tsimshian "clans" have animal names.

  • Mr. Frazer gives to all four Tsimshian clans the names of animals.

  • He has made a test of the idea in his study of the Tsimshian Indians.

  • Others, while agreeing as to the painting, claim that the carving was designed and executed by a Tsimshian.

British Dictionary definitions for tsimshian


  1. a member of a Native Canadian people of northern British Columbia
  2. the Penutian language of this people

Word Origin

C19: from Tsimshian, inside the Skeena River
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