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[too ng-gooz]
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noun, plural Tun·gus·es, (especially collectively) Tun·gus.
  1. Evenki.
  2. any member of a Tungusic-speaking people.

Origin of Tungus

1620–30;Russian tungús, probably < Tatar, a formation with the Turkic suffix *-guz, used in ethnic names; identity of 1st element obscure
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Historical Examples

  • But the great bulk of the Tungus nation are still Shamanists.

    Man, Past and Present

    Agustus Henry Keane

  • Yet I too am a Tungus;—what would anyone gain from my accursed debts?

  • In southern and central Manchuria were remnants of the Tungus Juchên.

  • Sometimes a wizard expects no fee unless he is successful, as among the Tungus, Yakut and Buryats.

  • Daur is, in fact, the name applied by the Buryats to all the Tungus peoples of the Amur basin.

    Man, Past and Present

    Agustus Henry Keane

British Dictionary definitions for tungus


  1. plural -guses or -gus a member of a formerly nomadic Mongoloid people of E Siberia
  2. Also called: Evenki the language of this people, belonging to the Tungusic branch of the Altaic family
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