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[ri-veel] /rɪˈvil/
verb (used with object)
to make known; disclose; divulge:
to reveal a secret.
to lay open to view; display; exhibit.
an act or instance of revealing; revelation; disclosure.
  1. the part of the jamb of a window or door opening between the outer wall surface and the window or door frame.
  2. the whole jamb of an opening between the outer and inner surfaces of a wall.
the framework or edge of an automobile window.
Origin of reveal
1325-75; (v.) Middle English revelen < Middle French reveler < Latin revēlāre to unveil (see re-, veil); (in defs 4, 5) derivative of obsolete revale to lower < Old French revaler (re- re- + (a)valer to lower, verbal derivative of the phrase à val down; see vale)
Related forms
revealable, adjective
revealability, revealableness, noun
[ri-vee-lid-lee, -veeld-] /rɪˈvi lɪd li, -ˈvild-/ (Show IPA),
revealer, noun
revealingly, adverb
revealingness, noun
[ri-vel-uh-tiv, rev-uh-ley-] /rɪˈvɛl ə tɪv, ˈrɛv əˌleɪ-/ (Show IPA),
half-revealed, adjective
nonrevealing, adjective
prereveal, verb (used with object)
self-revealed, adjective
unrevealable, adjective
unrevealed, adjective
unrevealing, adjective
unrevealingly, adverb
1, 2. unveil, publish, impart, tell, announce, proclaim. Reveal, disclose, divulge share the meaning of making known something previously concealed or secret. To reveal is to uncover as if by drawing away a veil: The fog lifted and revealed the harbor. To disclose is to lay open and thereby invite inspection: to disclose the plans of an organization. To divulge is to communicate, sometimes to a large number of people, what was at first intended to be private, confidential, or secret: to divulge the terms of a contract.
1, 2. conceal, hide. Unabridged
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Examples from the Web for unrevealed
Historical Examples
  • That day and that hour are to be wrapt in unrevealed and impenetrable secrecy.

    Memories of Bethany John Ross Macduff
  • It is not for us to dogmatize on the unrevealed period of the “glorious appearing.”

    Memories of Bethany John Ross Macduff
  • What is the ‘it’ that is unrevealed by the p. 75courteous Dr. Knapp?

    Immortal Memories Clement Shorter
  • That which she was, positively, was dark and unrevealed, it could not come forth.

    The Rainbow D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  • The miracles wrought in my soul by this young girl will remain for ever unrevealed.

    Marguerite Anatole France
  • The vastness and the glory of this continent were yet unrevealed to us.

    Art in America Samuel Greene Wheeler (S.G.W.) Benjamin
  • Reverently withdraw from things that are unrevealed, and dispute them not.

    A Christian Directory Baxter Richard
  • It is an unrevealed secret, and the right is not mine to say more than I have said.

    A Secret Inheritance (Volume 2 of 3) B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon
  • Before them was a future, unrevealed, but infinitely better than what their past had been.

    The Boys of '61 Charles Carleton Coffin.
  • Prayer, which is an unrevealed transaction, beyond the region of the stars!

    Playing With Fire Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
British Dictionary definitions for unrevealed


not having been disclosed, divulged, revealed, etc
Derived Forms
unrevealing, adjective


verb (transitive)
(may take a clause as object or an infinitive) to disclose (a secret); divulge
to expose to view or show (something concealed)
(of God) to disclose (divine truths) either directly or through the medium of prophets, etc
(architect) the vertical side of an opening in a wall, esp the side of a window or door between the frame and the front of the wall
Derived Forms
revealable, adjective
revealability, noun
revealer, noun
revealment, noun
Word Origin
C14: from Old French reveler, from Latin revēlāre to unveil, from re- + vēlum a veil
Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition
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Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012
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Word Origin and History for unrevealed



late 14c., from Old French reveler "reveal" (14c.), from Latin revelare "reveal, uncover, disclose," literally "unveil," from re- "opposite of" (see re-) + velare "to cover, veil," from velum "a veil" (see veil (n.)). Related: Revealed; revealing.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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