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[yoo r-uh l-al-tey-ik]
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  1. of or relating to the Ural Mountains, on the border between the Russian Federation in Europe and Siberia, and the Altai Mountains, in S Siberia and NW Mongolia, or the country or peoples around them.
  2. of or relating to Ural-Altaic.
  3. speaking a Ural-Altaic language.
  1. a postulated family of languages comprising Uralic and Altaic.
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Historical Examples

  • We may at least suspect that the Slavic vowel is not historically unconnected with its Ural-Altaic parallels.


    Edward Sapir

  • Turkish is the westernmost representative of a great group of languages, best known, perhaps, as the Ural-Altaic family.

  • They belong to the Finnish family, and consequently to the Ural-Altaic division of the human race.

British Dictionary definitions for ural-altaic


  1. a postulated group of related languages consisting of the Uralic and Altaic families of languages
  1. of or relating to this group of languages, characterized by agglutination and vowel harmony
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