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verb (used with object), ur·ti·cat·ed, ur·ti·cat·ing.
  1. to sting with or as if with nettles.
  2. to whip with or as if with nettles, especially so as to produce a stinging sensation; flog; lash.
verb (used without object), ur·ti·cat·ed, ur·ti·cat·ing.
  1. to sting in the manner of a nettle.

Origin of urticate

1835–45; < Medieval Latin urtīcātus (past participle of urtīcāre to sting), equivalent to Latin urtīc(a) nettle + -ātus -ate1
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British Dictionary definitions for urticate


  1. Also: urticant (ˈɜːtɪkənt) characterized by the presence of weals
  1. to perform urtication

Word Origin

C19: from Medieval Latin urtīcāre to sting, from Latin urtīca a nettle
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urticate in Medicine


  1. To undergo urtication.
  1. Characterized by the presence of urticaria.
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