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[hwang, wang]
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noun Informal.
  1. a resounding blow.
  2. the sound produced by such a blow: the whang of gongs and cymbals.
verb (used with object)
  1. to strike with a resounding blow.
verb (used without object)
  1. to resound with such a blow.

Origin of whang1

First recorded in 1815–25; imitative


[hwang, wang]
  1. a thong, especially of leather.
  2. Also called thong leather. rawhide.
  3. Slang: Often Vulgar. penis.

Origin of whang2

1530–40; orig. Scots form of thwang, early form of thong (cf. whack, whittle); sense “penis” perhaps an unrelated expressive word (cf. dong3)
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Examples from the Web for whang

Historical Examples

  • By the 17 look of him he was about ready to whang loose through the door.

    Crooked Trails and Straight

    William MacLeod Raine

  • He could whang away at a quarter with that sawed-off .45 of his and hit it every crack.

    Crooked Trails and Straight

    William MacLeod Raine

  • Oh, by the by, Hal, the Whang Doodle has made her appearance in our parts again.

    My Wife and I

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

  • He liked to make things, and fix things, and whang away at his anvil.

    Plowing On Sunday

    Sterling North

  • Bang, whang, go the wrestlers below, with loud shouts and laughter.

    A Trip to Cuba

    Julia Ward Howe

British Dictionary definitions for whang


  1. to strike or be struck so as to cause a resounding noise
  1. the resounding noise produced by a heavy blow
  2. a heavy blow

Word Origin

C19: of imitative origin


noun Scot
  1. a leather thong
  1. (tr) to strike with or as if with a thong

Word Origin

C17: variant of thong
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