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  1. an argument, squabble, or fight
verb (intr)
  1. to argue, squabble, or fight

Word Origin

origin unknown
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Historical Examples

  • "I should yike a little nushment, please," interrupted The Seraph in his turn.

    Explorers of the Dawn

    Mazo de la Roche

  • She was followed and gently reasoned with, but her only explanation was that she did n't "yike to eat wiv so many peoples."

    Polly Oliver's Problem</p>

    Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin

  • "I yike wiotous wude people," said The Seraph with his face in the tumbler; the milk trickled down his chin.

    Explorers of the Dawn

    Mazo de la Roche

  • The Seraph interrupted, "Don't you yike live birds, Mrs. Handsomebody?"

    Explorers of the Dawn

    Mazo de la Roche

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