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[tsin-tsuh n-dawrf]
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  1. Count Ni·ko·laus Lud·wig von [nee-koh-lous loot-vikh fuh n, lood-] /ˈni koʊˌlaʊs ˈlut vɪx fən, ˈlud-/, 1700–60, German religious leader: reformer and organizer of the Moravian Church.
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Historical Examples

  • Young Zinzendorf's mode of reasoning was certainly original.

    History of the Moravian Church

    J. E. Hutton

  • But Zinzendorf was not long allowed to tread the primrose path of peace.

  • The more Zinzendorf heard of these business transactions, the more disgusted he was.

  • The great fault in Zinzendorf's character was lack of ballast.

  • In name it was English enough; in nature it was Zinzendorf's Diaspora.

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  1. Count Nikolaus Ludwig von (ˈniːkolaus ˈluːtvɪç fɔn). 1700–60, German religious reformer, who organized the Moravian Church
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