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zirconium oxide

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  1. Chemistry. a white, heavy, amorphous, odorless and tasteless, infusible, water-insoluble powder, ZrO2, used chiefly as a pigment for paints, an abrasive, and in the manufacture of refractory crucibles.

Origin of zirconium oxide

First recorded in 1865–70
Also called zir·co·ni·a [zur-koh-nee-uh] /zɜrˈkoʊ ni ə/, zirconium dioxide.
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Historical Examples

  • With the heat gun he sheared off their tentacles; he could sell the zirconia in the entities.

    The Beast of Space

    F.E. Hardart

  • Lime, magnesia, zirconia, and similar oxides were used successfully.

    Artificial Light

    M. Luckiesh

  • A coating of zirconia or any other oxide, for instance, is far more quickly destroyed.

  • With a diamond, carborundum or zirconia button the photosphere can be as much as one thousand times the volume of the button.

  • Zirconia yields with nitrate of cobalt, when ignited, an infusible black mass.

British Dictionary definitions for zirconia


  1. another name (not in technical usage) for zirconium oxide

zirconium oxide

  1. a white amorphous powder that is insoluble in water and highly refractory, used as a pigment for paints, a catalyst, and an abrasive. Formula: ZrO 2Also called: zirconia
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