1. Claque: Visual Word of the Day

    Seinfeld wasn’t the first to use a laugh track: It’s over 2,000 years old.

  2. Arete: Visual Word of the Day

    Who in your life embodies the idea of arete?

  3. Slang Every 90s Kid Knows

    Props if you’re in the know. If not, watch this:

  4. Ebullient: Visual Word of the Day

    If you can’t pronounce the word ebullient, we have you covered.

  5. The Best Old-Timey Insults We Should be Using Today | Video

    Who doesn’t love a good comeback? These are the best insults we stopped using, but should totally bring back.   Love Throwing Shade? Here are more insults for you to bring back.

  6. Slut: From Dirty to Empowering

    Most women (and probably some men, too!) can recall a time they were called a slut. This word has been used to demean and hurt, but more recently, we are reclaiming it to empower and support.

  7. Words That Are Their Own Opposites

    English is weird: There are words that can mean two opposite things. Here’s what we mean:

  8. Preta: Visual Word of the Day

    As long as there has been life, we’ve thought about death.

  9. How to Woo a Word Lover: Pick Up Lines From the Dictionary

    There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look…

  10. Perlocutionary: Visual Word of the Day

    Learn more about this Word of the Day here.