5 color words that are beautiful in more than one way
Both a flower and a color, primrose literally meant "first rose" in Old French. The color was so called because the yellow rose is one of the earliest blooming roses in the Spring. What other stunning color comes from French?
[suh-rees, -reez]
This burgundy-like red is called cerise. It comes from the French word of the same spelling meaning "cherry." It entered English in the 1850s describing this shade of cherry red. What color is named after a fictional character? Find out next. . .
[sel-uh-don, -dn]
The word celadon (for this lovely shade of greenish gray) comes from the name of character in the 1610 book "L'Astre" by Honore d'Urfe. The character Celadon was a sentimental lover who wore green clothes. The next color is also a flower with a very literal name.
[hee-lee-uh-trohp, heel-yuh- or, esp. British, hel-yuh-]
Heliotrope is a great word and a great color. Heliotrope literally meant "turn towards the sun" in Greek. Flowers that turned towards the sun became associated with this word. Since they were a vibrant purple, the color was also called heliotrope. The next color is a Latin lesson too.
[ek-roo, ey-kroo]
A shade of beige, ecru comes from the French word of the same spelling which meant "raw, unbleached." It came from the Latin root "crudus" meaning "raw" and the prefix "es-" meaning "thoroughly."