a combining form with the meaning “leader, bringer,” of that named by the initial element, occurring in loanwords from Greek (demagogue; pedagogue); used also in medical terms that denote substances inducing the expulsion or secretion of that named by the initial element (cholagogue; hemagogue).

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Also -agog.

Origin of -agogue

< Greek -agōgos, -ē, -on, akin to ágein to lead, cognate with Latin agere to lead, drive, Old Norse aka to carry, convey
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British Dictionary definitions for -agogue


esp US -agog

n combining form

indicating a person or thing that leads or incites to actionpedagogue; demagogue
denoting a substance that stimulates the secretion of somethinggalactagogue

Derived forms of -agogue

-agogic, adj combining form-agogy, n combining form

Word Origin for -agogue

via Late Latin from Greek agōgos leading, from agein to lead
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Medical definitions for -agogue



A substance that stimulates the flow of:hemagogue.
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