[ al-jee ]
/ ˈæl dʒi /
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a male given name, form of Algernon.



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variant of -algia: coxalgy.
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What does -algy mean?

The combining formalgy is used like a suffix meaning “pain.” It is used in a few, mostly historical forms of medical terms, especially in pathology.

The form -algy comes from the Greek álgos, meaning “pain.” Similar in meaning and use to algo- are odyno- and -odynia, which derive from odýnē, also meaning “pain.”

The form -algy is a rare variant of the much more common -algia, as in sacralgia. A corresponding form of -algy combined to the beginning of words is algo-, as in algophobia. Learn more about these forms in our Words That Use articles for each.

Examples of -algy

One example of a term that features the combining form -algy is coxalgy, “pain in the hip.” Coxalgy is a variant of coxalgia.

The first part of the word, cox-, represents coxa, the hipbone or hip joint. The form -algy means “pain,” as we have seen. Coxalgy literally translates to “hip pain.”

What are some words that use the combining form -algy?

What are some other forms that -algy may be commonly confused with?

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The combining form cardi- means “heart.” What does the medical condition cardialgy literally mean?

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