a suffix of adjectives of Greek or Latin origin, meaning “of or pertaining to,” “of the nature of,” “made of,” “like”: asinine; crystalline; equine; marine.



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Compare -in1.

Origin of -ine

< Latin -īnus, -inus < Greek -inos

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a suffix, of no assignable meaning, appearing in nouns of Greek, Latin, or French origin: doctrine; famine; routine.
a noun suffix used particularly in chemical terms (bromine; chlorine), and especially in names of basic substances (amine; aniline; caffeine; quinine; quinoline).Compare -in2.
a suffix of feminine nouns (heroine), given names (Clementine), and titles (landgravine).
Compare -ina1.

Origin of -ine

< French < Latin -ina, orig. feminine of -inus; also representing Greek -inē, feminine noun suffix
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suffix forming adjectives

of, relating to, or belonging tosaturnine
consisting of or resemblingcrystalline

Word Origin for -ine

from Latin -īnus, from Greek -inos

British Dictionary definitions for -ine (2 of 2)


suffix forming nouns

indicating a halogenchlorine
indicating a nitrogenous organic compound, including amino acids, alkaloids, and certain other basesalanine; nicotine; purine
Also: -in indicating a chemical substance in certain nonsystematic namesglycerine
indicating a mixture of hydrocarbonsbenzine
indicating a feminine formheroine
an obsolete equivalent of -yne

Word Origin for -ine

via French from Latin -ina (from -inus) and Greek -inē
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Medical definitions for -ine



or -in A chemical substance:bromine, amine, quinine.
Amino acid:glycine.
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