1. Chiefly British. variant of -ize: organise.

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See -ize.

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  1. a noun suffix, occurring in loanwords from French, indicating quality, condition, or function: franchise; merchandise.

Origin of -ise

Middle English <Old French -ise, variant of -ice

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How to use -ise in a sentence

  • Inconsistent hyphenation and inconsistent use of -ise and -ize spellings have been left as in the original.

    Assimilative Memory | Marcus Dwight Larrowe (AKA Prof. A. Loisette)
  • De Lawd sartin sent him ter me ter tek keer of an Ise gwin ter do it.

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • But Ise gotter settle up dis policy fer de fambly so what is it?

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • Huh, Ise seen many a corporation dat hatter have good thick leather soles fer ter tote em round.

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • Ise gwine straight off ter markit dis minit and Ill see dat it get sont off ter de right pusson for Ise done anudder ting.

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson

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suffix forming verbs
  1. a variant of -ize


See -ize

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