a suffix of adjectives (and in the plural, of nouns from adjectives) formed from nouns ending in -ist and having reference to such nouns, or to associated nouns in -ism (deistic; euphuistic; puristic). In nouns, it usually has a plural form (linguistics).

Words nearby -istic

Compare -ist, -ic, -ics.

Origin of -istic

< Latin -isticus < Greek -istikos; in some words, replacing -istique < French < Latin, as above
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British Dictionary definitions for -istic


suffix forming adjectives

equivalent to a combination of -ist and -ic but in some words having a less specific or literal application and sometimes a mildly pejorative force, as compared with corresponding adjectives ending in -istcommunistic; impressionistic

Word Origin for -istic

from Latin -isticus, from Greek istikos
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