a diminutive suffix attached to nouns (booklet; piglet; ringlet), and, by extraction from bracelet, a suffix denoting a band, piece of jewelry, or article of clothing worn on the part of the body specified by the noun (anklet; wristlet).

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Origin of -let

Middle English -let, -lette < Middle French -elet, equivalent to -el (< Latin -āle, neuter of -ālis -al1 (cf. bracelet) or < Latin -ellus diminutive suffix; cf. -elle, chaplet) + -et -et

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British Dictionary definitions for -let


suffix forming nouns

small or lesserbooklet; starlet
an article of attire or ornament worn on a specified part of the bodyanklet

Word Origin for -let

from Old French -elet, from Latin -āle, neuter of adj suffix -ālis or from Latin -ellus, diminutive suffix

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