[ loh-gee ]

adjective,lo·gi·er, lo·gi·est.
  1. lacking physical or mental energy or vitality; sluggish; dull; lethargic.

Origin of logy

1840–50, Americanism; perhaps <Dutch log heavy, cumbersome + -y1

Other words from logy

  • lo·gi·ly, adverb
  • lo·gi·ness, noun

Other definitions for -logy (2 of 2)


  1. a combining form used in the names of sciences or bodies of knowledge: paleontology; theology.

  2. a termination of nouns referring to writing, discourses, collections, etc.: trilogy; martyrology.

Origin of -logy

Middle English -logie<Latin -logia<Greek. See -logue, -y3

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How to use logy in a sentence

  • The child begins to cry and then soon goes off into a deep sleep, while the body seems more heavy and logy than usual.

    The Mother and Her Child | William S. Sadler
  • The cattle were lazy and logy from water, often admitting of riding within a rod, thus rendering the brands readable at a glance.

    Wells Brothers | Andy Adams
  • By her side a logy youth, with small, blue fish-eyes fixed adoringly on her, sauntered protectingly.

    The Witness | Grace Livingston Hill Lutz
  • Her petulant sister and the logy Luella never dreamed that Aunt Crete desired such un-auntly indulgences.

    Aunt Crete's Emancipation | Grace Livingston Hill
  • The canvas is rather a logy, limp sort of craft, to my thinking, and liable to drown her crew if swamped.

    Woodcraft and Camping | George Washington Sears (Nessmuk)

British Dictionary definitions for logy (1 of 2)


/ (ˈləʊɡɪ) /

adjectivelogier or logiest
  1. mainly US dull or listless

Origin of logy

C19: perhaps from Dutch log heavy

Derived forms of logy

  • loginess, noun

British Dictionary definitions for -logy (2 of 2)


n combining form
  1. indicating the science or study of: musicology

  2. indicating writing, discourse, or body of writings: trilogy; phraseology; martyrology

Origin of -logy

from Latin -logia, from Greek, from logos word; see logos

Derived forms of -logy

  • -logical or -logic, adj combining form
  • -logist, n combining form

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