a suffix of nouns that refer, usually derogatorily, to persons who support or are concerned or associated with a particular political cause or group, cultural attitude, or the like: beatnik, filmnik; no-goodnik; peacenik.

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Origin of -nik

< Yiddish (cf. nudnik) < Slavic: a personal suffix in Slavic languages in contact with Yiddish

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British Dictionary definitions for -nik


suffix forming nouns

denoting a person associated with a specified state, belief, or qualitybeatnik; refusenik

Word Origin for -nik

C20: from Russian -nik, as in Sputnik, and influenced by Yiddish -nik (agent suffix)

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Word Origin and History for -nik


as in beatnik, etc., suffix used in word formation from c.1945, from Yiddish -nik (cf. nudnik "a bore"), from Russian -nik, common personal suffix meaning "person or thing associated with or involved in" (cf. nudnik; kolkhoznik "member of a kolkhoz"). Rocketed to popularity with sputnik (q.v.).

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