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suffix forming adjectives

  1. designed for, directed towards, motivated by, or concerned with

    computer-oriented courses

    managers who are profit-oriented

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Example Sentences

This is an inverse Pietà, and something of a sexual anarchist; she ardently refuses to be oriented in an orientation.

His charges include pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, rape, and sexual battery.

Some congressmen,” he said, “still have a traditional issue-oriented relationship with lobbyists.

Normally more commercial-oriented, NYFW staged a series of performance pieces this season rather than pure runway shows.

“I work in a good, family-oriented, Christian company,” she says.

Like the house of the living, the tomb was strictly oriented, but after a mystic principle of its own.

The more carefully built mastabas are oriented according to the true astronomical north.

The first thing that strikes us in looking at a general map of Karnak is that Egyptian temples were not oriented.

The was oriented east, and what was immediately west was behind it.

Programs are written in symbolic or application-oriented form instead of computer language.