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  1. in combination (of a sailing vessel) having a rig of a certain kind



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Example Sentences

This sick status quo is a result of the rigged system of redistricting.

But New Yorkers have an important chance to reform their rigged system.

They hate attack ads and want change, but believe the American political system is rigged.

Semi-rigged elections, and blurred lines between business and government—Beijing's wrangling would make Boss Tweed proud.

In 1965, amid political tensions, regional elections were rigged by the ruling party in Western Nigeria.

Only I happened to have the radio set, and—and everything is rigged right for my idea to work out.

That was just rigged up to send us to Jack Carlson to ask that he get us out of town in a hurry.

Chet and Lance had 122 a pair of automobile searchlights rigged forward on their own boat.

The chain communicated with a powerful crane rigged up on the foremast, and was wrought by a steam windlass on deck.

It would be difficult in that weatherworn hull to recognise the trim full-rigged ship that left the Hoogly many months before.