[ soh-fee, sof-ee ]
/ ˈsoʊ fi, ˈsɒf i /
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noun, plural So·phies.(sometimes lowercase)
any of the Safavid rulers of Persia: used as a title.
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Also So·phi .

Origin of Sophy

First recorded in 1530–40; probably <Turkish sofi, from Persian ṣūfī Sufi, by association with Safawī “a member of the Safavid dynasty”

Other definitions for Sophy (2 of 2)


a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek (philosophy; theosophy); on this model used, with the meaning “science of,” in the formation of compound words: anthroposophy.

Origin of -sophy

<Greek -sophia, combining form of sophía skill, wisdom; see -y3
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/ (ˈsəʊfɪ) /

noun plural -phies
(formerly) a title of the Persian monarchs

Word Origin for Sophy

C16: from Latin sophī wise men, from Greek sophos wise

British Dictionary definitions for Sophy (2 of 2)


n combining form
indicating knowledge or an intellectual systemphilosophy; theosophy

Derived forms of -sophy

-sophic or -sophical, adj combining form

Word Origin for -sophy

from Greek -sophia, from sophia wisdom, from sophos wise
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