[ wuhn-oh-wuhn ]


  1. comprising the introductory material in or as if in a course of study (used postpositively):

    Economics 101; Life 101; It's Jungle 101 on a trip up the Amazon.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of 1011

First recorded in 1985–90

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Example Sentences

That included telling the Council 101 Ash was a “Class A building” even though the appraisal on which the city relied stated clearly that it was and always would be a Class B building.

The Trail Blazers beat the Lakers 106-101 and went on to win four of their five remaining games, including all three games in their home arena.

With Hughes’ help, the city and Cisterra replicated this arrangement in the 2017 101 Ash acquisition.

After setting the initial record at the age of 101, Marchand thought he had more in the tank and sought to better his own mark.

Disney’s upcoming live-action film, “Cruella,” is a prequel to “101 Dalmatians.”

In the trial whose results were announced on Tuesday, some patients received ATX-101 dosages while others received placebos.

Should it work, ATX-101 would be yet another way for Americans to have it all.

Importantly, ATX-101 offers the possibility of combating double chins without surgery.

How-101- they settled this knotty point, may be left to the readers of Novelle to discover.

Here was the XT-101, with its rear-mounted turret and twin dual-purpose automatic 75-millimetre cannon.

He eyed the XT-101's with malevolent interest, then studied a nearly-finished weapon on the carving table.


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