or twen·ty-two

[ twen-tee-too, twuhn- ]


, plural .22s, .22's.
  1. a rifle or pistol using a cartridge .22 inch in diameter and of varying length.
  2. the cartridge itself.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of .221

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

According to Samsung, the S22 is a “best of both worlds” situation where you get the control of the Note and the superior cameras of a Galaxy flagship.

This year, Samsung has lumped the S22 and S22 Plus together as a single phone in two sizes, which hasn’t changed all that much compared to the Galaxy S21 line.

We'll see the Galaxy S22 lineup with the chip, but rumors point to February 8th as a possible launch date.

This render shows the S22 Ultra with the telltale oval along the bottom edge, just like an old Note phone.

Here’s what’s causing record temperatures in the Pacific NorthwestHarley’s research team used infrared cameras to measure temperatures on the shoreline rocks — recording some readings as high as 122 degrees.

High flying and fast, the F-22 Raptor stealth jet is by far the most lethal fighter America has ever built.

The other option is to stuff fighters like the F-22 and F-35 with more missiles that are smaller.

The Pentagon is counting on the F-22 Raptor for missions over Syria—and maybe, one day, against Russia, too.

The F-22, after decades of development, is finally becoming relevant to American security and geopolitics.

“This is about doing the job right and the F-22 was simply part of that,” Grant said.

"I have no eyes for beauty since my Arline was lost to me, nephew," the old man returned sadly, and passed-22- to his courtroom.

We hurried to the waiting ship, which seemed like a tiny toy when compared with the giant SF-22.

The SF-22 was ready to take off and the crowds were drawing back into the obscurity beyond the huge circle of blinding light.

He was busy at the moment, maneuvering the Pioneer into a position above and behind the SF-22 and her convoy.

I looked ahead and saw that the distance to the SF-22 and her convoy had somewhat increased.