[ ang-gloh-in-dee-uhn ]

  1. belonging to, relating to, or involving England and India, especially as politically associated: Anglo-Indian treaties.

  2. of or relating to Anglo-Indians or their speech.

  1. a person of English and Indian ancestry.

  2. the speech of such persons, characterized by the Anglicizations of Indian words.

  1. a person of English birth or citizenship living in India.

Origin of Anglo-Indian

An Americanism dating back to 1805–15

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How to use Anglo-Indian in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Anglo-Indian


  1. of or relating to England and India

  2. denoting or relating to Anglo-Indians

  1. (of a word) introduced into English from an Indian language

  1. a person of mixed English and Indian descent

  2. an English person who lives or has lived for a long time in India

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