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  1. Prejudice or hatred against Jews (see also Jews ), a Semitic race. ( See Arab-Israeli conflict and Nazis .)

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Example Sentences

Is it anti-Semitism, or are less insidious cultural forces at work?

While anti-Semitism in the United States is thankfully at all time lows, it was not always like this.

We also saw the ugly face of Anti-Semitism rise again, primarily in Europe.

Flagrant anti-Semitism fell out of favor and was replaced by a closeted, unspoken bigotry.

While American nativism and anti-Semitism declined after World War II, so did the overt Jewishness of Superman.

In Austria, as in Germany, anti-Semitism is a factor in the parliamentary elections.

Zeal for missions almost died out; the Jews became the subject of much Anti-Semitism.

The old Junker anti-Semitism received a great impulse from the collapse of thrones which followed the Armistice of 1918.

In other nations anti-Semitism was only an instinctive and irrational popular feeling.

It arose in Frankfort, the seat of unmitigated, medival anti-Semitism.