[ an-ti-noh-mee-uh-niz-uhm ]

  1. Theology. the belief that Christians, by virtue of divine grace, are freed not only from biblical law and church-prescribed behavioral norms, but also from all moral law:In his 1539 book, Luther contrasts antinomianism with the true gospel, stressing that law is good and drives us to Christ and to daily repentance.

Origin of antinomianism


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How to use antinomianism in a sentence

  • She was great at antinomianism and Bible-classes, and was plainly going to hold a class now.

  • St. James contends against the earliest phases of antinomianism.

  • antinomianism early presented itself in Boston, and it was quickly followed by the incursions of the Baptists and Friends.

    Unitarianism in America | George Willis Cooke
  • By a few inflammable minds liberty was carried into antinomianism, and produced the wildest excesses of life and doctrine.

    The Holy Roman Empire | James Bryce
  • But Wesley was observing with concern the spread of a practical antinomianism, which on every possible ground he hated and feared.

    Fletcher of Madeley | Frederic W. Macdonald