[ aw-dree ]


  1. a first name: from Old English words meaning “noble” and “strength.”

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Example Sentences

Taking over the role of Audrey Griswold from Dana Barron and Dana Hill is a young Juliette Lewis in one of her first film roles.

Rock the Vote spokeswoman Audrey Gelman told The Daily Beast that Lil Jon “took zero convincing” to do the video.

We did street casting to find the kids, and Audrey Tautou will play the mother of the main character.

Why did you decide to kill off Audrey, and have that be the “tragic ending”?

Even though he came to London supposedly to save the president, Jack really did come for Audrey.

At home she avoided her aunt and Audrey, and evening after evening she went to the stile to have a chat with Jasper.

When Audrey and her mother found themselves alone, Lady Frances turned at once to her daughter.

Audrey had 339 been brought up in the strictest school, with the highest sense of honor.

Audrey, the strongest, the very strongest, circumstantial evidence points to Evelyn as the guilty person.

She was going out of the room to speak to her husband, but before she reached the door Audrey called her.





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