[ baj-er ]
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  1. any of various burrowing, carnivorous mammals of the family Mustelidae, as Taxidea taxus, of North America, and Meles meles, of Europe and Asia.

  2. the fur of this mammal.

  1. Australian.

  2. (initial capital letter) a native or inhabitant of Wisconsin (the Badger State ) (used as a nickname).

  3. a swablike device for cleaning excess mortar from the interiors of newly laid tile drains.

verb (used with object)
  1. to harass or urge persistently; pester; nag: I had to badger him into coming with us.

Origin of badger

1515–25; variant of badgeard, perhaps badge + -ard, in allusion to white mark or badge on head

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  • un·badg·ered, adjective
  • un·badg·er·ing, adjective

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How to use badger in a sentence

  • Marcus and Farringdon's pure badger, two shillings—gilt-edged badger half-a-crown.

    First Plays | A. A. Milne
  • You get some ladies together and badger them into all sorts of thoughtless, unmeant admissions and call that testimony!

    In the Onyx Lobby | Carolyn Wells
  • Festing braced himself in a vain attempt to hold them, for the trail was half covered with tall grass and broken by badger holes.

    The Girl From Keller's | Harold Bindloss
  • I gave Gibson the big ambling horse, ‘badger,’ and we packed the big cob with a pair of water-bags that contained twenty gallons.

  • Gibson was now very sorry he had exchanged ‘badger’ for the cob, as he found the latter very dull and heavy to get along.

British Dictionary definitions for badger


/ (ˈbædʒə) /

  1. any of various stocky omnivorous musteline mammals of the subfamily Melinae, such as Meles meles (Eurasian badger), occurring in Europe, Asia, and North America: order Carnivora (carnivores). They are typically large burrowing animals, with strong claws and a thick coat striped black and white on the head: Compare ferret badger, hog badger

  2. honey badger another name for ratel

  1. (tr) to pester or harass

Origin of badger

C16: variant of badgeard, probably from badge (from the white mark on its forehead) + -ard

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