/ ˌkəʊkəˈkəʊlə /


  1. a carbonated soft drink flavoured with coca leaves, cola nuts, caramel, etc
  2. modifier denoting the spread of American culture and values to other parts of the world

    Coca-Cola generation

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Example Sentences

Coca-Cola was a wildly popular drink and hangover remedy because, well, it contained cocaine.

And, with Coca-Cola announcing the launch of a new milk product, the beverage could be back in our hands before we know it.

Right-wing conservatives were in a tizzy over Coca Cola's new ad.

The Coca Cola Company—as is its wont—had one of the best ads to air on Super Bowl Sunday.

Coca-Cola was back on the subcontinent after 20 years away.

That appears to be located east of the Coca Cola machine, is that correct?

And—yes, bring this little girl here a coca cola—for a wash.

Some one else has shoved his way in and shouted, "Coca-Cola," and I draw back to get out of the way of the vichy spray.

There is a big man edging his way beside me who is undoubtedly going to shout "Coca-Cola" in half a second.

The sales-manager of the Coca Cola Company says the caffeine in their product is made from tea.