[ kom-rad-ship, -ruhd- ]
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  1. the state of being companions, associates, or friends, especially ones who share activities, an occupation, etc.:It was more than love or romance; it was about friendship, comradeship, and having a solid foundation for a lifelong relationship—and I loved reading about it.

  2. friendship inspired by shared experiences, especially negative or difficult ones:The film brings to vivid life the deadly beauty of the desert, the harsh environment, and the resulting strong bonds of comradeship and interdependence forged between the characters.

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  • pre·com·rade·ship, noun

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How to use comradeship in a sentence

  • A certain sense of comradeship and loyalty has been hard-wired since these women were young girls.

    The Ageist Attack on Hillary | Michael Tomasky | July 1, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Their perfect comradeship would prove a mutual inspiration, a source of increased strength.

    Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist | Alexander Berkman
  • Within the twelvemonth I became her worshiper; and ours was the dearest and perfectest comradeship that ever was.

  • There had been their intimate comradeship in the savagery (from my point of view) of the last few months.

    Jaffery | William J. Locke
  • He realized how strong must be the sense of comradeship in Mr. Cornelius to break through his habits of tenacious secrecy.

    The Woman Gives | Owen Johnson
  • Mother Bab was thinking of her boy and Phœbe, of their gay comradeship.

    Patchwork | Anna Balmer Myers