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[ dih-liv-er ]

verb (used with object)

  1. to carry and turn over (letters, goods, etc.) to the intended recipient or recipients:

    to deliver mail;

    to deliver a package.

    Synonyms: yield, cede, transfer

  2. to give into another's possession or keeping; surrender:

    to deliver a prisoner to the police;

    to deliver a bond.

  3. to bring (votes) to the support of a candidate or a cause.
  4. to give forth in words; utter or pronounce:

    to deliver a verdict;

    to deliver a speech.

    Synonyms: publish, proclaim, announce, communicate

  5. to give forth or emit:

    The oil well delivers 500 barrels a day.

  6. to strike or throw:

    to deliver a blow.

  7. to set free or liberate:

    The Israelites were delivered from bondage.

    Synonyms: release, emancipate

    Antonyms: confine

  8. to release or save:

    Deliver me from such tiresome people!

    Synonyms: rescue, redeem

  9. to assist (a female) in bringing forth young:

    The doctor delivered her of twins.

  10. to assist at the birth of:

    The doctor delivered the baby.

  11. to give birth to:

    She delivered twins at 4 a.m.

  12. to disburden (oneself ) of thoughts, opinions, etc.
  13. to make known; assert.

verb (used without object)

  1. to give birth.
  2. to provide a delivery service for goods and products:

    The store delivers free of charge.

  3. to do or carry out as promised:

    an ad agency known for delivering when a successful campaign is needed.


  1. Archaic. agile; quick.


/ dɪˈlɪvə /


  1. to carry (goods, etc) to a destination, esp to carry and distribute (goods, mail, etc) to several places

    to deliver letters

    our local butcher delivers

  2. often foll byover or up to hand over, transfer, or surrender
  3. often foll by from to release or rescue (from captivity, harm, corruption, etc)
  4. also intr
    1. to aid in the birth of (offspring)
    2. to give birth to (offspring)
    3. usually foll by of to aid or assist (a female) in the birth (of offspring)
    4. passivefoll byof to give birth (to offspring)
  5. to utter or present (a speech, oration, idea, etc)
  6. deliver the goods See deliver
  7. to utter (an exclamation, noise, etc)

    to deliver a cry of exultation

  8. to discharge or release (something, such as a blow or shot) suddenly
  9. to cause (voters, constituencies, etc) to support a given candidate, cause, etc

    can you deliver the Bronx?

  10. deliver oneself of
    to speak with deliberation or at length

    to deliver oneself of a speech

  11. deliver the goods informal.
    to produce or perform something promised or expected

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Derived Forms

  • deˈliverer, noun
  • deˌliveraˈbility, noun
  • deˈliverable, adjective

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Other Words From

  • de·liver·er noun
  • misde·liver verb (used with object)
  • outde·liver verb (used with object)
  • prede·liver verb (used with object)
  • unde·livered adjective
  • well-de·livered adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deliver1

First recorded in 1175–1225; Middle English delivren, from Old French delivrer, from Late Latin dēlīberāre “to set free,” from dē- de- + līberāre “to free” ( liberate )

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Word History and Origins

Origin of deliver1

C13: from Old French delivrer, from Late Latin dēlīberāre to set free, from Latin de- + līberāre to free

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Idioms and Phrases

In addition to the idiom beginning with deliver , also see signed, sealed, and delivered .

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Example Sentences

He could deliver a quick, effective speech, or hold a proper press conference.

So working with the militants in order to deliver aid “becomes a requirement,” she said.

Koenig proceeds to deliver her deeply conflicted, sorta-kinda support for Adnan.

Despite general good intentions, however, even good physicians can deliver care that falls short.

They were there to put on a show and deliver a message: behold, we are a technological power with which to be reckoned!

I, therefore, deliver it as a maxim, that whoever desires the character of a proud man ought to conceal his vanity.

Brethren are a help in the time of trouble, but mercy shall deliver more than they.

She continued to deliver herself upon a hundred topics, and it hardly matters where we take her up.

By bad luck d'Amade was away, up in the front trenches, and I could not well deliver myself to des Coigns.

And I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians, and I will protect it.


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