[ hahr-ding ]
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  1. Chester, 1792–1866, U.S. portrait painter.

  2. Florence Mabel King, 1860–1924, U.S. First Lady 1921–23 (wife of Warren G. Harding).

  1. Warren G(amaliel), 1865–1923, 29th president of the U.S. 1921–23.

  2. a male given name.

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How to use Harding in a sentence

  • And it was at this season that the fjord near-by which the kings most oft abode gat its name of Harding.

  • “That is a fast boat, and we can never catch her in plain sailing,” said Allan Harding.

    The Rival Campers | Ruel Perley Smith
  • Miss Gordon came the next morning, Mr. Harding with her; and the four sat out under the trees and talked.

    Love's Pilgrimage | Upton Sinclair
  • Whereupon Mr. Harding proceeded with all gravity to correct his misapprehension of this legend.

    Love's Pilgrimage | Upton Sinclair
  • She would tell Thyrsis about it at great length, and so, of course, he had to change his ideas about Mr. Harding.

    Love's Pilgrimage | Upton Sinclair

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/ (ˈhɑːdɪŋ) /

  1. Warren G (amaliel). 1865–1923, 29th president of the US (1921–23)

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