[ joh-dee ]


  1. a male or female given name.

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Example Sentences

Republican Jody Hice romped home in a safe rural Georgia congressional district last night.

After Mia overdoses on heroin, Vincent brings her to the home of Lance and Jody.

Jody Hice—Choosing Hice is like picking Duke or UConn in the NCAA basketball tournament.

If a writer on True Blood came up with the character of Jody Hice, the producers would reject it for being too over the top.

Medical Students for Choice, founded by a student named Jody Steinauer in 1993, helped to change that.

With the words another memory came into his mind, of the trouble with Jody Weir on day herd—about another letter, that was.

Jody Weir—and the girl in Hillsboro post office—steady, Johnny—steady, boy!

Even so, Jody Weir could keep those location papers from reaching the recorder!

He grabbed Jody by the collar and dragged him from under the struggling horses.

Jody Weir checked his horse and regarded Dines with a truculent stare.





Jodrell Bankjoe