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[ loh-kawst, -kost ]


  1. able to be purchased or acquired at relatively little cost:

    low-cost life insurance; low-cost housing.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of low-cost1

First recorded in 1930–35

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Example Sentences

Like him, they identified the Airbus A320 as an airplane extremely well fitted to low cost airline operations in Asia.

Malaysian-based entrepreneur Tony Fernandes has turned AirAsia into the most successful low cost airline in southeast Asia.

Instead, the focus is on probe design and communications technology, as well as low cost.

An amendment was introduced to block the low-cost carrier from flying to the U.S. Is this about safety or competition?

UberX, the low-cost version of the popular ride-sharing app, is now cheaper in New York City than a taxi.

Sulphate of Magnesia can be obtained at a low cost, and has been used as a manure in some instances with very marked success.

A small lathe, with an 8-inch swing, can be obtained at a low cost, provided with a countershaft complete.

Would it seem dreadful to him to buy a jewel which he might guess, from its low cost, had to be got rid of at almost any price?

But, on the other hand, if the land or bonds had little value, the roads themselves were actually laid down at a very low cost.

Safety was my first concern in designing the Solar Funnel Cooker, then came low cost and effectiveness.


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