/ (ˈmɒkə) Australian slang, old-fashioned /

  1. clothing

  1. all mockered up dressed up

Origin of mocker

of unknown origin

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How to use mocker in a sentence

  • Liszt calls Chopin "a fine connoisseur in raillery and an ingenious mocker."

  • Then the mocker trilled again, the talk became confused, coming in fragments across the wall.

    Maid Sally | Harriet A. Cheever
  • They buried them together, man and mocker, and went silently on toward the hill.

    Space Prison | Tom Godwin
  • The white mocker died at midmorning the next day as they stopped for a rest.

    Space Prison | Tom Godwin
  • But come 'long spring and time for droppin' de cottin seed, de mocker he know mighty well what's a-doin'.

    Citizen Bird | Mabel Osgood Wright and Elliott Coues