[ mod-l-ing ]
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  1. the act, art, or profession of a person who models.

  2. the process of producing sculptured form with some plastic material, as clay.

  1. the technique of rendering the illusion of volume on a two-dimensional surface by shading.

  2. the treatment of volume, as the turning of a form, in sculpture.

  3. the representation, often mathematical, of a process, concept, or operation of a system, often implemented by a computer program.

  4. Also called imitation. Psychology. therapy in which a particular behavior is elicited by the observation of similar behavior in others.

Origin of modeling

First recorded in 1575–85; model + -ing1
  • Also especially British, mod·el·ling .

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How to use modeling in a sentence

  • Center back stage, in front of sky-light, modeling stand upon which is placed a rough statuette, covered by cloth.

  • He admired the lines and pointed with pride to the modeling of the stern.

    Boy Scouts in the North Sea | G. Harvey Ralphson
  • And made with some of my best modeling clay for reproducing geometric solids!

    The 4-D Doodler | Graph Waldeyer
  • Clay modeling, stick laying, paper folding, color and construction of geometrical solids.

    Textiles | William H. Dooley
  • Out of practically every story, and out of many of the poems, they get an inspiration for a picture or a bit of modeling.

    Literature in the Elementary School | Porter Lander MacClintock