[ noor-uhs-thee-nee-uh, nyoor- ]
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  1. Psychiatry. (not in technical use) nervous debility and exhaustion occurring in the absence of objective causes or lesions; nervous exhaustion.

Origin of neurasthenia

First recorded in 1855–60; neur- + asthenia

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How to use neurasthenia in a sentence

  • They often appear in digestive disturbances, in neurasthenia, and when the oxidizing power of the system is diminished.

    A Manual of Clinical Diagnosis | James Campbell Todd
  • Physical, intellectual, or emotional strain can cause neurasthenia suddenly or gradually.

  • The walking may simulate paralytic forms if hysteria is mixed with the neurasthenia.

  • Nagging never cured anything except a tendency toward virtue, and it always deepens neurasthenia.

  • There is always a causative shock or injury, which is followed at once or after an interval by the symptoms of neurasthenia.

British Dictionary definitions for neurasthenia


/ (ˌnjʊərəsˈθiːnɪə) /

  1. an obsolete technical term for a neurosis characterized by extreme lassitude and inability to cope with any but the most trivial tasks

Derived forms of neurasthenia

  • neurasthenic (ˌnjʊərəsˈθɛnɪk), adjective
  • neurasthenically, adverb

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